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February 28, 2023 | JEP
After almost two years of being locked down due to the fear brought by COVID-19, countries from different parts of the world finally eased the restrictions to save their respective economies. It allowed a lot of people to fly back to their countries to meet their loved ones or even just to be tourists. Aside from that, the waiting of some to pursue their dreams in other countries has come to an end, and yes, we are referring to our Study in Japan Students.
And so, if you are one of those Filipinos whose dream is to be in Japan and embrace the opportunities waiting, make your biggest and best decision now! This is the type of opportunity that you shouldn’t miss. Through a student visa, you can learn the Japanese language in depth and experience Japan's rich culture. Be one of our students and sign up now for the October 2023 batch! For a free consultation, send us a message at 09770311157 or 09982944863 or through our landline at (02) 8689-1928. You can also fill out our assessment form using this link: