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The Demand of IT Workers in Japan

April 24, 2018 | JEP

At this year, lots of foreign workers desire to work and live in Japan. Not just because of the rate and their safety but because of the wide range opportunities that they can get. Now, if you are planning about studying in Japan, this time might be the right time to learn Japanese language and use your knowledge and skills to further your career.

Japan is now working to increase the number of foreign students studying in their country. As we all knew, Olympics are coming to Tokyo in 2020. Due to this event, the demand for labor for foreign employees is increasing. And aside from that, Japan’s technology advancement rise up and the world of information technology is growing in hop and bound which means that software engineers become more in demand. IT personnel are currently short of over 170,000 people, and it is predicted that they will become serious as the population declines. Less software engineer means slow productivity and lesser innovation for electronics, robotics, and other automotive devices. This is the reason why Japan right now is looking for foreign workers for them to continue to build and manufacture modern technologies.

Jellyfish Education builds a program to help this inflation rate of workers in Japan. The program sends IT practitioners to study The Japanese language or Nihongo for 1 year and 6 months in Bridge Institute of technology, a school owned by Jellyfish Education Inc. located in Okutama Tokyo Japan. Since you are only in class for half of the day, you will be given a part-time job as part of their training. BIT really wants to train you up to become the best you can be. Since they believe in lifetime employment, they will provide you with as much knowledge as possible. This will help you prepare for your future if they want to pursue or get a full-time job. After you finished the intensive Japanese Language Study, BIT will also help you find your full-time job. They will give you job offer according to your knowledge and skills.

Having a high level of Japanese is essential in almost all industries. The better your Japanese, the more job opportunities you’ll have! This is the best time and the chance for you to study abroad in Japan, to enhance your skills and of course to pursue your career!

We aim to help Filipinos become more globally competitive as the ASEAN economic community continuously develops. We want to make sure that everyone is given the opportunity to excel and be masters of their chosen field. Our programs would maximize their potential and expand their horizons.

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