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BIT Welcomes First Wave

October 4, 2017 | JEP

The pioneering students of Bridge Institute of Technology (BIT) arrived in Okutama Japan last Thursday, September 28 2017.
BIT is a language school owned by Jellyfish Inc. that offers internship for college graduates of Computer engineering, Computer and software programming and all I.T related courses.
The school trains foreign students to learn and master Nihongo, or the Japanese language while working on I.T related projects with part time pay.
BIT is situated in Okutama Japan, which is at the western part of Tokyo Metropolis.

Students from Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines arrived on the same day to begin their intensive training with BIT.

Among the pioneering students is Dave Baclayon of Lapu-lapu City Cebu, a fresh graduate with a degree in Computer Science from University of San Carlos.
Baclayon wrote on his Facebook post last Monday,
“The people in Okutama are very kind. Although the speeches were given in Japanese, they gave time to deliver the translation in English. The words were also very kind, heartwarming, and welcoming. Who would have ever thought of leaving this kind of place with these kinds of people. I am really looking forward to do projects here and engage myself for the betterment of the town, hopefully, in my strength, and in God’s will, I will be able to do so.”

As many Filipinos aim for a meaningful success through quality education and hands on experience, Jellyfish Education continues to provide programs that helps mold individuals to be globally competent in preparation for a bigger career path in the future.