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Admission Procedure


General Qualification

√ Senior High School Graduate or College Graduate of any 4-year course
√ Must be 18-30 years old
√ Willing to study Japanese Language and Culture
√ Must be financially capable or with someone to support the application


Admission Procedure

Step 1: Assessment

Interested applicants will receive a free assessment from our program consultants. This is to determine
if the applicant is qualified for the program or not.

Step 2: Contract Signing

If the applicant is qualified and wants to pursue the program, the program consultant will schedule a
contract reading together with the applicant. The applicant must review and understand the terms and
conditions stated in the contract before signing.

Step 3: Application Fee Payment

Within 7 days after contract signing, Jellyfish Education will collect the application fee payment.

 This payment includes the application fee for the Study in Japan Program and a tuition fee of the basic Japanese Language class for 170 hours.

Note: Application fee is non-refundable and the amount is subject for Program Consultant’s approval upon assessment.

Step 4: Documents Completion

The program consultant will endorse the student to the assigned document specialist.

Next step is the submission of documents needed for the application of the certificate of eligibility.

Step 5: Certificate of Eligibility application to Japan Immigration

Step 6: Certificate of Eligibility Result (Approved/Denied)

Processing time for the Certificate of Eligibility will take around 2-3 months.

Step 7: Processing Fee Payment

Upon receiving the Certificate of Eligibility, the student must pay the processing fee of P25, 000.

Step 8: Tuition Fee and Accommodation Payment.

Also, the payment for the tuition and accommodation will be collected.

Note: The amount depends on the chosen language school and accommodation.

Step 9: Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar

Prior to departure, the applicants are required to attend the pre-departure orientation seminar or PDOS.
This will be held in the Manila office.

Step 10: Visa Application

Step 11: Ticket Booking

After successful visa application, the student will then be advised by the program consultant to book their one-way plane ticket to Japan.

Step 12: Departure

Requirements and Application


For the Student / Applicant:

– School Diploma
– Transcript of Records
– Birth Certificate
– Medical Examinations
– Other Documents which may be deemed necessary

For Sponsors:

– Bank Certificate
– Employment Certificate / Bank Certificate
– Income Tax Return
– Other Documents which may be deemed necessary

*For the full list of requirements, kindly consult with our program consultants by calling (02) 8-689-1928