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Study in Japan April PDOS

Study in Japan applicants for April 2020 Batch attended the pre-requisite seminar last March 6, 2020 before they start their new life as Japanese language students in Japan.

What is a pre-departure orientation seminar (PDOS) of Jellyfish Education Philippines? The PDOS provides study in students (who successfully obtained their Certificate of Eligibility issued by the Immigration of Japan) other necessary information and prepares them on what they should expect when they start their journey as a student in their chosen language schools in Japan.

Although the applicants already have their Certificate of Eligibility, they must still possess a student visa which will be issued by the Embassy of Japan; the process of which was explained as well during the seminar.

A necessary part of the seminar was the explanation of the Do’s and Don’ts while adjusting to their new life in Japan. Even though students may have visited the country before as tourists, residing in Japan as a language student is a different experience. While tourists generally visit and stay in areas designated for tourists, Japanese language school students tend to live in areas near the language school they are enrolled in. The nature and period of their stay make it necessary that students must familiarize themselves with the what should foreigners should do and what they should not do. The PDOS aims to prepare the applicants mentally about the differences of visiting as a tourist and living in Japan as a student!

Lastly, a question and answer session was held to let applicants clarify things or inquire for other possible scenarios when they are already studying in Japan.