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    Jellyfish Education Philippines

    Jellyfish Education Philippines (JEP) is registered in the Security and Exchange Commission as Jellyfish Education Consultancy Philippines Inc. provides and promotes educational services to those who want to Study, Live, and Experience Japan. Started in 2007 in Japan as an internet service provider and expanded its business to providing educational programs. Learn More




    Study in Japan for All Courses

    Study, Live and Experience Japan program aims to educate people with the importance of learning the Japanese language (Nihongo). Jellyfish Education Consultancy, communicates how a person can use such skill to his advantage and how he can be successful in Japan or anywhere in the world. This program is the stepping stone for College graduates who aim to build a career or pursue extensive studies in Japan. Learn More




    Study Nihongo in the Philippines

    Jellyfish Education Philippines Inc. in coordination with Tochigi International Education Institute (TIEI) is now providing high-quality Japanese language (Nihongo) training program to all Filipinos without the need to go to Japan! Immerse yourself not only on the Japanese language but on the richness of Japan’s culture and unique practices! Start learning how to speak the language used by one of the world’s largest economies. Learn More




    Study Caregiving in Japan

    Jellyfish Education Philippines Inc., in coordination with Morinomiyairo Gakuen Language School which aims to develop people who can unite and collaborate with different social and cultural backgrounds.

    Morinomiyairyo Gakuen is looking for Filipinos who are interested to study the Japanese Language and study the vocational degree in caregiving. Learn More.

Latest Batch of Applicants

Student Feedback

John Nichol Aoyama International Education Institute | January 2017

Since back then I really wanted to expand my knowledge about the language and especially for the culture of Japanese. For what reason? Since the number of Japanese tourist are now increasing day to day, there is no doubt that nearly in the future, our place, Philippines could be occupied with businesses owned by Japanese on that moment with my knowledge I get from my studies I could lend a help. It is also part of my goal to learn the Japanese language since I look forward to do business with a Japanese client here in our place in the near future.

Leonard Young TIUJ | October 2019

As for Jellyfish education, I highly recommend them. A perfect 10/10. They guided me from the beginning to the end and it was a long and hard journey. They stayed true to their services and went the extra mile to make sure that I have a successful enrollment and a life-changing experience in Japan. And they introduced me to great people like Mr. Hoang of ST housing. He helped me in my most dire of situations like when I was about to lose my dorm and my things. Big thanks to him and to everyone in Jellyfish education. What began as an advertisement poster is now an overwhelming and unforgettable memory. Thanks again God bless all of you.

Ramil Tokyo International University | October 2016

My mother really wants me and my siblings to finish our studies thus, I am grateful that I have an aunt living in Tokyo who’s willing to help us, giving me the chance to finish my study abroad while I am living with her. My aunt dearly loves me and is willing to support my dreams to continue my studies. I plan to take the preparatory course to pass the language and general course requirements. Next is that I plan to pass the N1 level of the JLPT because the course I plan to take requires background in technical terminologies. Afterwards, if I would be given the chance, I will pursue my goal is to continue my studies taking up Physical Therapy course in the prestigious Tokyo Metropolitan University.

She Mae Lyn Tochigi International Education Institute | October 2016

Despite having a stable income in my business, I dream of expanding business into a Japanese business. We had this sort of Japanese cuisine subject back; in our culinary school which inspired me to learn to establish my own Japanese restaurant in the future. In my place there are not much authentic Japanese restaurants. Also, I was advised that it will be the best to study to study the Japanese cuisine by my mentors in culinary school because of their unique way of preparing food and taste that somehow I cannot out into word to express how good the taste is.

Cecille Mae Human Academy Language School- Osaka Campus | July 2016 Batch

There are so many dreams that I want to pursue and places that I want to travel to that I don’t know how I will be able to fit them all in my lifetime. But for now, one thing is clear and that would be my goal of studying in Japan.

Kimberly Human Academy Language School- Osaka Campus | July 2016

I learned that Japanese skill is necessary to pursue further studies in Japan. Afterwards, I will take up Japan’s Nursing Licensure Examination so that I would be able to pass the licensure examination to be able practice my profession in Japan someday.

Brian Lee Shinwa Foreign Language Academy | July 2016

Japan is the home of my favorite anime characters specially the work of Studio Ghibli films and Hayao Miyzaki. These films made me fall in love with Japan and about its people so that’s why I keep watching NHK World W channel of our cable TV.

Narciso, Jamielle Narciso, Jeanne Marielle Human Osaka Students | July 2020

Since we were young, we admired Japan for its rich cultural heritage and wanted to learn its language. We were introduced to the “Study in Japan Language Program” of Jellyfish Education Philippines. Through Jellyfish, we were admitted as students to the Human Academy Japanese Language School that has opened a rare opportunity for us to be able to learn and understand the Japanese language. This also becomes our gateway to understand and experience the Japanese culture, to interact and communicate with Japanese people. and their society as a whole. We aim more to learn as it becomes more interesting each time attending our classes as we gear towards hurdling the different levels of proficiency examinations in the days to come. Also, we were able to meet and make friends with Japanese people and other foreign nationalities and had a chance to travel to different beautiful places here in Osaka and its nearby Prefectures. Thanks to the staff of Jellyfish Education Philippines for their indulgence, for their clear instructions as we were preparing our documents, their time and dedication in making sure that everything is correct and complete. The staff was always available if we have questions and inquiries. They have guided us from the start of the application until the time we arrived in Japan despite the pandemic. Through and thanks to Jellyfish as we foresee a brighter future and the opportunity to be competitive, qualified, and have the chance to further study or work in the field of Health care here in Japan.

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