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January 19, 2017 10:40 pm | Jellyfish Education Consultancy


Winter is fast and approaching and the best compsnion during the cold nights is food. Tonkatsu is another Japanese favourite and is actually satisfying for the winter weather.

The fried pork cutlet from Japan is said to be an adaptation of Western, European food that was beginning to become more popular in the Meji era.

Emperor Meji sought to see Japan become a modern westernized country that would go on to lead in development. More traditionally the katsu (katsuretsu, or cutlet) was made using beef.

It was the western adaptation that introduced pork into the mix. The word was shortened and combined with the “ton” for pork. Traditionally tonkatsu is served with a combination of pickled vegetables called tsukemono and a katsu sauce.

The sauce is a thicker less-intense worcestershire sauce. With development tonkatsu became popular to be served with Japanese style curry.

Tonkatsu is so popular that you can enjoy it in various forms, such as: katsudon, sliced tonkatsu with onion and scrambled egg served over rice in a deep bowl; katsu karē, curry over rice and tonkatsu; katsu sando, tonkatsu sandwiches; kushikatsu, bite-sized tonkatsu on a skewer; tonkatsu ramen, a bowl of ramen noodles with tonkatsu; and even oddities such as chocolate-stuffed tonkatsu and tonkatsu parfait.


Written by: Dee Llenos