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Tochigi International Education Institute

January 19, 2017 10:24 pm | Jellyfish Education Consultancy

Tochigi International Education Institute

What is in a person’s bucket list? It probably has something to do with travelling, learning a new language, live in a foreign country and everything else that screams new experience.

What if there was a way to literally put a check mark on all of these in just one sitting? In this day and age, as much as we love to always try new things, reality sets in and reminds you that you also need a job.

Japan is one of the most sought after place to travel because of its numerous attractive places and distinct culture.  If there was an offer to be able to experience Japan, have a job and learn their language at the same time there wouldn’t be a person who’s not going to take that opportunity.

As Japan becomes more competitive with other countries, they have opened their doors to the development of international exchange student to create excellent individuals for the development of their own country. This is Japan’s “New Growth Strategy” and they are aiming to have high quality foreign students from up to 30 million which is their target for the year 2020.  So, about that bucket list, Tochigi International Education Institute can definitely help you with that and a job to throw at reality and say, “Watashi wa kore o eta!”

Tochigi International Education Institute is a school located in Utsonomiya, Tochigi, Japan.  It started last 2014 and is offering Japanese Language Education and overseas student support seeing that learning the language and being able to adapt to a country’s culture is an edge for a foreign worker. The school’s curriculum concept is “Using Japanese in the daily life to work”; even for the first time learner, the student will be able to understand everyday conversations, helping them communicate effectively in their future work place. TIEI offers affordable dormitory that is nearby the school itself. They will guide you to your new life in Japan and make it less of a hassle. Their dormitory includes furniture and electronics which will help students spend less on their living expenses.

What are you waiting for? Go and check out learn more about the school and be able to live your life beyond your bucket list.


Written By: Bea Isobel Quiachon