Study in Japan for Information Technology - Jellyfish Education Consultancy Philippines Inc.

Cebu Office: (032) 231-4434
Manila Office: (02) 570-1290


Program Details:

1. One year and six months of Nihongo language study and I.T related training at Bridge Institute of Technology.

Program Qualification:

1. Must be at least 18-30 years old.

2.Must have a bachelor’s degree in any I.T related course.

3. Must be willing to Study Japanese language.

4. Must be willing to live and experience the culture of Japan.

5. Must have a GWA equivalent to 85% and above.

Assessment Requirements:

– Letter of Intent.

– Resume.

– True copy of Grades.

– Diploma / Certificate of Graduation Candidacy


For Student / Applicant

1. Resume
2. NSO Birth Certificate
3. Government Issued ID
4. Diploma & TOR
5. Employment Certificate
6. Applicants' Photograph
    - 2x2cm or 4.5x4.5cm (2 pcs.)
    - 4cm x 3cm (6 pcs.)
7. NBI Clearance
8. Medical Examination with drug test
9. Accomplished student application form (Provided by JEC)

For Sponsor / Guarantor
(*Must be blood or legally related to the applicant)

1. Proof of relationship with applicant
     - Birth Certificate / Marriage Certificate
2. Certificate of Bank Balance (at least Php 750,000)
3. Government Issued ID
4. Passport Photocopy (new and old if any)
5. Accomplished Guarantor's form (Provided by JEC)

If sponsor is Employee
    - Certificate of Employment
    - Salary Certificate
    - Income Tax Certificate

If sponsor is Business Owner
    - Business Registration
    - 3 years Income Tax Certificate/Financial Statement