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Rikugien Evening Illumination

January 19, 2017 10:51 pm | Jellyfish Education Consultancy

Rikugien Evening Illumination

Taking a walk around Japan is definitely worthwhile with all the things that you can see and do. It is something that everyone can appreciate about Japan despite how busy everything seems to be, there is still a distinct energetic and joyful vibe in it. Around November to around Christmas or New Year, Japan has many illuminations that can be witnessed in a lot of cities in the country that puts you into an entirely new setting of vibrant lights. One of the most well-know seasonal illumination in Japan is the Rikugien evening illumination.

The Rikugien Garden is located in the Northern part of Tokyo and is a well-known garden of feudal lords during the Edo Period. Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu, one of the most influential of feudal lords, designed the garden after the land was given to him by the fifth shogun Tsunayoshi Tokugawa. A two-hour trip from Tochigi, the Rikugien Garden holds an annual illumination event where the garden is illuminated with colourful lights that give a majestic touch to the greenery that surrounds the garden. There are 88 spots in the garden; specifically the inspiration from it came from famous classical Chinese and Japanese poems that created the spots described in poems. A very quaint place to visit for those who love the art of writing and history at the same time, Rikugien garden brings a mystic vibe as little smokes are put out to add a special touch to the illuminated trees. Paths are mostly flat and easy to walk on, making it convenient for when visitors take a stroll, with an artificial mountain pass that gives a view of the entire garden and tea houses.

The best way to enjoy Japan’s nature, art and history at the same time is by visiting the Rikugien garden or the Garden of Six Elements of Poetry.  It’s everything you’ll want to experience Japan’s distinct culture. You’ll be able to indulge in vibrant lights and amazing art while leaving with a peaceful feeling from the garden itself.


Written by: Bea Isobel Quiachon