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Okutama-machi, in Tokyo

January 19, 2017 10:13 pm | Jellyfish Education Consultancy


Okutama-machi, in Tokyo, where we have been faced to severest condition in its aging rate of all the Metropolitan area in Tokyo, rent the closed junior high school to a company which is running Japanese language school, aiming the increase of the young population. The company will reform the school into a Japanese language school where oversea student is going to be trained to become IT engineer.

The 3-story school building of the former Kori Junior High School in Okutama-machi,

that was closed last March because of a declining birthrate, will be rented and converted into a Japanese language school next autumn. Okutama-machi has already signed the contract with the company, JELLY FISH (shinagawa, in Tokyo), which handles this reform.

The target of this new school is foreign students graduated from Science University. Students is also studying Japanese for one year and half while training to become IT engineers. Accommodation will be attached to school building. The school will start with around 30 students at first year and is aiming to reach 120 students in the future.

Okutama-machi has been gone through hard time in increasing age population in spite of the decrease of younger generation population. They recorded 48% aging rate out of only 5,300 residences. We’re also trying to increase the number of population by getting the teachers or IT staffs, especially the young, living in Okutama-machi, making this sever condition better.

‘With this project, it can help the younger population to move to Okutama-machi. Since we will accommodate many foreign students who have different life style from us, we need to consult and orient the residences living in Okutama-machi about the project.’ Nijima Kazuki, officer-in-charge for younger population reservation, said.