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Kaminokawa Sunflower Festival

January 19, 2017 10:10 pm | Jellyfish Education Consultancy

Kaminokawa Sunflower Festival

The first thing that will come up to mind when we imagine Japan is their breathtakingly beautiful cherry blossom

but did you know that aside from it, Japan is also abundant of sunflowers? The sunflower or himawari in Japanese can be seen even in urban areas of Japan, for them the flower symbolizes hope and recovery for it has a property that extracts toxic substances on soil. Every midsummer, a vast field of these flowers, at approximately 100,000 will bloom in Kaminokawa, Kawachi District which is just less than an hour drive from Utsunomiya.  In celebration and appreciation for the flowering of these sunflowers, Kaminokawa Sunflower Festival will be held from the 26th of August down to the 28th this year.

The Kaminokawa Sunflower Festival will have a lot of fun events that will take place including singing, dancing, band performances, charity karaoke and many more. The 3-hectare field looks as if it is covered with a carpet of sunflowers by  looking at it from a distance and there is also a pathway for you to see it up close. In line with these events and activities, attendees will be allowed to take sunflowers from the field for free as long as it is the designated area for picking. Now, isn’t that one of the many things to do to complete your Japan experience?