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For the Love of Japanese Language and Hospitality

January 19, 2017 8:15 pm | Jellyfish Education Consultancy

For the Love of Japanese Language and Hospitality

Located in Utsonomiya, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, is a language school that helps students enhance their Nihongo level and skills in the Hospitality industry.

Tochigi International Education Institute (TIEI) is a Japanese language school that partners with 3-5 Star Hotels and Restaurants for work training. The school makes sure that the students learn the language faster through interaction with the locals. Once a week, the school has a meeting with the work establishment to get feedbacks about the students.

According to research, most Japanese companies don’t expect anything more from foreign students other than the ability to understand and express thoughts. TIEI uses this concept and that’s why it has partnered with the Hospitality Industry because it is where these abilities are most important.

School days are from Mondays to Fridays, and work is usually 4-5 hours a day. Learning does not only occur inside the classroom but outside as well. There are cultural exposures or field trips and other excursions.