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Five Peaks of Mount Nasu

January 19, 2017 10:26 pm | Jellyfish Education Consultancy

Five Peaks of Mount Nasu

Japan has an endless amount of things to do and see when you are there to either visit or work. If you are one of those wander lust who likes to go on breathtaking sceneries with a little bit of adventure especially at this time of the year, then a travel to Mount Nasu is worth your time.

Mount Nasu is located on the border of Tochigi and Fukushima Prefectures and from Tochigi alone, it will take you a good 1-2 hours of travel depending on your mode of transportation.  For those who enjoy trekking and hiking to sweat out the everyday struggles of life and see the great views of nature then Mount Nasu is definitely a place for you to go. The autumn season is the best time to go to Mount Nasu especially when you go as far as Chausu Peak, the mountains major peak that rises 1,915 meters above sea level.  The panoramic view of the autumn leaves on top of the summit makes it seem like you are in a different world entirely with its beauty. The shades of autumn will surely leave you in awe looking at it from the top where the colors of orange, brown and yellow leaves mix,  giving you great aesthetic delight. If you are still new to trekking and reaching Mount Nasu’s summit seems to be a little too much for you then you don’t need to worry because Mount Nasu has five major peaks known as the Nasu Five Peaks. The five peaks are Sanbonyari Peak 1916.9 meters, Chausu Peak 1915 meters,  Asahi Peak  1896 meters,  Minamigatsusan 1776 meters and Kuro-oya Peak  1589 meters above sea level.  The way up to these peaks are not much of hassle since a clear path is set out for travellers to follow and a huge number of tourists visits the mountain all year long.  There are also hot springs open during the months of April to December where you can stay and enjoy a few days to relax and unwind.

There is surely something for everyone to do in Japan whether it is in an urban or rural area setting. Living and experiencing Japan still leaves you a time and place to live your life with adventures and do what you love.


Written By: Bea Isobel Quiachon