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Everything in Okonomiyaki

January 26, 2017 3:21 am | Jellyfish Education Consultancy


Craving for something between a pizza and a pancake seems too hard to figure what exactly it is you want. If you can’t have both then definitely try something new to your liking, something like Okonomiyaki that literally means “to one’s liking”.


Okonomiyaki is often times compared to an omelette or pancake and may be preferred as a “Japanese pizza” with its selected toppings and ingredients added which can differ greatly from meat and seafood to wasabi and cheese. It is a flour based mixture cooked on a griddle, similar to how a pancake is cooked but very different in taste since it doesn’t have the sweetness or fluffiness of that to a pancake. Just like how you can have whatever you want in a pizza, you can have whatever on your Okonomiyaki. There are different styles of cooking Okonomiyaki depending on the region you are in Japan which is the Osaka style and Hiroshima style. An Okonomiyaki is not just appetizing but also pleasing to the eyes with all the stuff put in it, it’s a fun-filled food experience.


The possibilities are endless with Okonomiyaki from the fact that you can add whatever you want on top of the essential ingredients. Be sure to spoil yourself to whatever you like and experience another food that’s a huge part of Japan’s food culture.


Written by: Bea Isobel Quiachon