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Dango Dessert

January 19, 2017 10:33 pm | Jellyfish Education Consultancy

Dango Dessert

Japan is not only about ramen’s and sushi’s but they also have their own sweet little pleasures. One of the famous desserts in Japan is called Dango.

Dango is one of the most popular Japanese desserts. This is very traditional, but it is really familiar confection in Japanese people’s life.

Dango’s are small dumplings made of rice flour, served skewered on a bamboo stick, extremely popular everywhere in Japan.

There are, of course, region-specific versions made from various types of flour (potato or millet flour) and with various ingredients like azuki bean paste, black sesame or green tea.

There are actually different kinds of Dango such as Hanami Dango which is considered to be the most popular. Hanami means cherry-blossom viewing and Hanami Dango is Dango to eat at Hanami. It also comes in different colours like pink, pale green and white like the colours of a cherry-blossom.

There are also the sweet soy sauce flavoured Dango; Mitarashi Dango and Tsukimi Dango being indulged during a moon-watching party.

One of the most common versions is Mitarashi dango, coated in sweet syrup made from soy sauce.

Originally made at a tea house from Kyoto called Kamo Mitarashi located near the Shimogamo Shrine, the name is said to come from the similarity between the dumplings and the bubbles made by the purifying water (mitarashi) from the entrance of the shrine.

There is also a story that originally the Mitarashi dango was served skewered in groups of 5, the top one representing the head, the next two the arms and the last two the legs.

Since this is a common dessert, you can buy it at any Japanese-style confectionary store. You can also purchase it at the supermarket, grocery store and even at any convenience store in Japan.


Written by: Dee Lenos