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Contract signing ceremony for Okutama Japanese Language School

January 19, 2017 10:15 pm | Jellyfish Education Consultancy

Okutama Japanese Language School

The Mayor of Okutama-machi, Fumio Kawamura, and the president of the multinational firm Jellyfish Inc. ,

Mr. Sho Tanaka, officially signed contracts last July 14th, for the proposed  Okutama Japanese Language School (temporary name) which is expected to open on October of this year.

Plans on putting an accommodation on the 3rd floor of the school building for the students were discussed. “At the ceremony, we have to take hands with the residence to put this project to success.” said Mayor Kawamura.


Okutama-machi sets up committee and council consisting some of the local organizations for this project. Last August, Okutama-machi and Jellyfish Inc. started with the preparation of houses for rent to be made available to the employees and teachers who will attend on February 2017.

Enrollees from south-east Asian countries, especially those who graduated from national universities with advanced knowledge on computer technology will be trained to become expert IT engineers and developers of specific software applications while studying the Japanese Language, helping aspiring individuals to land a job in one of the top I.T companies in Japan.

Along with this goal, the institution aims to promote the Japanese language to be one of the most used language in the business industry to support Japan’s rising economy.

With about 30 pioneer students to attend the entrance ceremony on October, the school is expecting 200 more members including staff and students to join the institution in the coming months.

Together with the institution’s grand opening is the opening of opportunities for the residents of the area. The school is pleased to announce their need for a school principal from the locals of Okutama-machi. The applicant must be a Japanese national, has knowledge on education, with at least more than 5 years-work-experience on the same field. He or she must Have the awareness of regional recreation, as well as multiculturalism, must be dedicated and with the desire to hold the future of okutama-machi.

For further inquiries, you may contact Jellyfish Okutama Japanese Language School Office (03-5437-0135).

Okutama-machi is looking forward to this great opportunity for their beloved town and for the people in their humble community.